About us

For all people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, this is our hope. In Sanskrit, veda means “knowledge” and bija means “seed”. We hope that by planting and nurturing the seeds of Veda, as many people as possible will gain the necessary knowledge and live a healthy life. It is necessary for a happy society that each person’s life is fulfilled.

Our wish

Being healthy is necessary for us to enjoy our once-in-a-lifetime, to contribute to our families and society, and to fully demonstrate the abilities given to us as individuals.

However, life in modern society is full of stress and competition, and it is usual to wear down our mental with anger and jealousy compared to others.

Our modern society is so complicated that we forget the importance of health. That’s why we would like to deliver you the wisdom from ancient times.

In this way, classical studies are full of hints to keep your mind and body healthy, so it is important to understand them correctly and put them into practice. Their teaching is nothing special. It’s just what we need in the modern world we live in.

We, NPO VedaBeejam will tell you what is necessary for health promotion and disease prevention based on the knowledge that has been handed down from ancient times.

As a result, we hope that as many people as possible will be able to smile and live pain-free and fulfilling lives.

What we can


We provide specific measures and meals for health promotion
and disease prevention according to the season.

nterpretation and translation from English to Japanese will be provided in lectures given by foreign teachers, and efforts will be made to promote the dissemination of specialized knowledge.


We will develop human resources who can provide the necessary knowledge and treatments correctly to those who are interested in health promotion and disease prevention.

Latest informaiton

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NPO Organization Vedabeejam Representative Director’s message

I believe that good health is the foundation for living a fulfilling life, realizing your dreams, and living a happy life.

Just because you’re not ill doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

You have positive mental, can enjoy anything and have no likes and dislikes, and your body is healthy with no pain no matter what activity you are doing, this is real health.

It’s easy to put into words, but the reality is that it’s quite difficult to maintain such a state.

“When it’s good, we can keep it, and when it’s bad, we can improve it.”

The method for doing so is surprisingly simple, but the rules vary depending on the age and constitution of each person.

That’s why I want you to find a way that works for you.

We will do our best to help you with that.